Mary (Council) Church, Ephesus, 2013 The Prayer Wall, at the House of The Virgin Mary, Efesos, 2013The church of abandoned village of Kayaköy, 2013Kaymakli Monestery, Trabzon, 2013The Dormition of the Mother of God, Kaymakli Monestery, Trabzon, 2013 The Sarcophagus of St. Nicholas, (Santa Claus) Church, Demre, (Myra), 2013Deyr-ul Umur (Mor Gabriel) Monastery, Midyat, 2013 St Georges Peristera Monastery, Kustul village, 2013 The Dormition of the Mother of God, Vazelon Monastery, Macka, 2013Zelve, Cappadocia, 2013Zelve, Cappadocia, 2013Zelve, Cappadocia, 2014


These sites were once sacred. For some, they still are.

Many of them have been badly damaged. Some have nearly disappeared. Others are still standing, braced against time.

The photographs are inspired by respect for mysteries and miracles, both past and present.